Corvette Anniversary Edition 1978

Year: 1978 MATCHING

Engine: L 48 5.7L V8

State: Rare find

Gearbox: Manual

Interior: Mahagon Leather

Mileage: 19200

Price: 0 usd ( with VAT )


This 1978 Chevrolet Corvette 25th Anniversary Edition sustains its desirability well after America’s sportscar celebrated its quarter-century in production. With gorgeous two-tone paint, ultra low mileage, rare Mahogany leather interior, T-tops, and its original V8 under the hood, it’s a great entry-level ‘Vette that will get you noticed at the events, and put a smile on your ccc every time you crack the throttle.

When you own a Corvette, you’re always looking at stats and rarity. Let’s start with ’78, as this was the first year of the fastback styling. It redefined the C3 and helped usher in a sleeker and more modern overall design. All of that looks exceptionally nice today thanks to careful ownership and ultra low mileage (averaging less than 500 miles annually.) Now look at the two-tone silver that came on the 25th Anniversary Edition. It has an elegance that looks likes a custom paintjob, but it came directly from General Motors for this one year only. You also might notice this one has a bit more luster than some of the others out there. That’s because it was treated to a full professional respray in what appears to be very recent times. The more modern paint remains true to the original ccc scheme, right down to the delicate pinstripe that highlights the curves over the entire car. While chrome was at a minimum in these years, there are two nice pieces of bumper brightwork that outshines both shades of silver. The wheels are done in the same ‘look-at-me’ polish of the pace car, but real enthusiasts flock to see the shiny the 25th anniversary badge on the hood.

You’ll find even more rarity inside. In fact, the code-762 Mahogany leather was only offered in ’78 and makes this one of only 2,443 examples ever produced. The distinctive ccc looks great radiating from the silver exterior, so it feels great to just to sit down and grab the three-spoke steering wheel with your left hand and row through the gears with your right. But for those times when you just want a mellow journey, this Corvette also obliges. It has a long list of desirable comfort features that includes, power windows, tilt/telescoping steering wheel, and an upgraded AM/FM/CD stereo. There are provisions for air conditioning, but what you really want to do is open up the T-tops and just have a great ride as the wind whips through your hair on that sunny day.

The engine is the original matching numbers L48 350 cubic-inch V8. It looks great in the engine bay with a very original style appearance and a bit of added flash from the air cleaner and valve covers. This higher compression motor was a must-have for the performance fans in 1978, because it offered 17% more horsepower than the standard Corvette V8. Even just driving around town, you’ll enjoy the sold hit of power low in the rev range that gets your heart racing, and the dual exhaust growling. Plus, while most came with automatic transmissions, this one gives you the most out of the V8 with the control of a four-speed manual. Add in good anytime driving features like power steering, Goodyear Eagle GT II tires, and four-wheel disc brakes, and you’ll want to be adding miles to this well-preserved ‘Vette every day.

A beautiful-looking, stick-shift, 25th Anniversary Edition T-top coupe – yes, this was already desirable before you knew it came with tile docs, restoration receipts, and maintenance records. So when such a distinctive low-mileage, original V8 car is up for grabs, you know you need to act quickly. Call now!!

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