Corvette Split Window, 4-speed manual transmission, 300HP!!

Year: 1963

Engine: 5.4L V8 300HP

State: Mint Condition

Gearbox: Manual 4 speed!!

Interior: Red Leather

Mileage: 62246

Price: 0 usd ( without VAT )

Sebring Silver (originally Tuxedo Black) w/Red interior 327/300hp, 4-spd. manual transmission.
Every Corvette fan has their favorite era, year and model Corvette. Most, if not all can remember the first Corvette they ever laid eyes on, the first Corvette they ever rode in or better yet, drove! It’s an indelible memory. An emotional thing that comes back to you every time you see your favorite on the road or at a car show.
There are many reasons people chose to purchase a vintage sports car. But, we think that above everything else, it’s the “thing” you feel when you open up the garage door and see your Corvette siting there . . . beckoning you to get behind the wheel. Start her up and just listen to the musical rumble of an exhaust note. Now from an emotional standpoint, anything goes. Any year that “does it” for you is all that matters. But from a collector and/or investment standpoint, not all Corvettes are created equal. Take for example the ’63 Split Window Coupe.
When introduced in ’62 as a ’63 model, the car was an instant sensation! The lines of the car were timeless and are still fresh to this day! But, what set the ’63 Coupe apart from the later year C2’s was the very distinctive rear window. Or should we say windows? This unusual “split” rear window was anything but practical, as it was difficult to see out of. However, as a pure design exercise, it was stunning! Of course, part of what makes the ’63 so collectible compared to its ’64-’67 siblings, was its one-year-only status. The split window treatment was gone after ’63 and in its wake, a legend was born . . .
This very original SWC came to us from a collector client in Northern CA. Originally sold out of Capital Chevrolet in Sacramento, CA. to a farmer (believe it or not!). After owning the original Tuxedo Black SWC for a number of years, the owner decided that Black was just too hot in the Valley sun, so he decided to re-paint it Sebring Silver. Now, Tuxedo Black with Red interior is just about the rarest and most desirable color combination to be had on a ’63 Corvette . . . Followed by Sebring Silver with Red interior. So Sebring Silver it stayed! The car has always been in CA. and it shows in the overall excellent condition. Other than the re-paint, new seat covers (the originals come with) and radial tires, the car is all original and absolutely beautiful! It’s been expertly maintained and everything works, including the clock! But what’s even better is the way it runs and drives!
There’s something about the way an original Corvette feels. The way it runs. Even the way it sits that you can’t seem to duplicate with a restored car. This one just feels right. And drives like a dream! The car features a correct, matching #’s 327/300hp small block with a 4-spd. manual transmission a factory am/fm radio and white wall radial tires. That’s about the extent of its options. A purist’s dream, no doubt! They’re only original once. And beautiful, original CA. examples like this one are getting harder and harder to find! Don’t miss your opportunity to be its next caretaker.

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