Ford Grand Torino Sport, 65tis orig. miles!!!

Year: 1973 MATCHING

Engine: 5.8L V8

State: Original

Gearbox: Automatic 3 peed

Interior: Green vinyl

Mileage: 64998

Price: Prodáno (US) ( without VAT )

If you think of a Ford Torino, you likely imagine the red and white 1974 Torino from the “Starsky and Hutch” TV show. But if the only thing you know about Torinos is that unique bit of pop culture trivia, you’re missing out on some really wonderful automobiles. The mid-sized Torino was Ford’s answer to the Chevrolet Chevelle, a big, comfortable car with enough performance baked in to keep things interesting. By 1973, emissions standards and fuel economy concerns had killed the muscle cars, but Ford was still putting big engines in the Torino, and the result was a surprisingly quick car with great road manners and enough room for the entire family.

This 1973 Torino Sport is an excellent example of why the Torino was so great.

Now in USA.

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