Ford Model T 1924 SURVIVOR

Year: 1924

Engine: Inline 4

State: Survivor

Gearbox: Manual

Interior: Cloth

Mileage: 99999

Price: 0 usd ( with VAT )


This 1924 Ford Model T is still one of the least expensive ways to get into the old car hobby. They’re simple, reliable, rugged machines, and their very design makes them incredibly easy to service, even for a relative novice. Parts are plentiful, knowledge is vast, and they are always welcome wherever old cars gather to be shown and driven. In fact, if you’re a car guy of any stripe, you owe it to yourself to own a Model T at least once in your life.

Finished in (what else?) basic black, this 1924 Model T tudor sedan has an honest, sensible look to it, both serious and unpretentious. It’s easy to see your grandfather behind the wheel, but when you carefully examine the many period details, you’ll find it a wonderful trip through time. The paint is neither too glossy nor totally worn out, showing a soft shine that looks like this T might be only a few years old instead of more than 80. Panel fit was decent when it was new and remains good today, with doors that open and close easily and a tight fit to the hood, all of which suggest this Model T has led a very easy life. The later cars like this had a bit less brass, but the radiator shell has a soft patina that adds some much-needed contrast to the all-black Ford and the rear-mounted spare is the archetypal “antique car” styling element.

The interior is nicely restored, with correct cloth seating surcccs whose pleated contours are straight out of the ’20s. Controls were simple, and it’s quite easy to master driving a Model T with just a few minutes’ familiarization with the three pedals and the hand throttle. The fat steering wheel makes steering easy, and the view from up high is commanding. There is no speedometer, so we have no way of knowing how many miles are on this particular T, but does it matter? These cars will run pratcially forever and service is extremely simple. It does, however, have an ammeter on the dash, which is Henry’s way of saying he didn’t trust the electric starter and why all Model Ts still had hand cranks, “just in case.” The bare floors are a big part of the T’s no-nonsense vibe, contrasting with the rather luxurious feeling upholstery and nicely finished headliner.

With just 177 cubic inches making a rather modest 22 horsepower, the T is no high-speed cruiser. But thanks to its rugged design and simple systems, it will run at 35 MPH practically forever. It’s not picky about fuel, and is so reliable that it would probably run on a combination of kerosene and Aqua-Velva. Ignition is by a magneto mounted on the dashboard in a wooden box, and the electrical system features a belt-driven generator and a new battery. The engine bay appears highly original and nicely maintained, with a lot of new components, all of which are readily available from a number of Model T suppliers. Underneath, it’s a lot more durable than it looks and it appears that this is a very solid, clean original car. Tall 21-inch wood spoke wheels wear recent Firestone tires, and ride surprisingly well on modern streets.

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