We offer long-term parking in our modern showroom about the size 1100 m2. This space was designed specifically for veterans parking. It is highly secure, with constant temperature and humidity, clean and easily accessible from Prague. If your dream is to own an American vintage car, but you have nowhere to park it, we have a simple solution for you.

If you are interested in parking, we will be happy to prepare an individual price offer.

high security

The showroom is located in a closed area and is equipped camera system. The building is constantly guarded and 24 hours a day connected to all security forces. 

Comfortable conditions

When designing the spaces, we placed great emphasis on creation ideal conditions for parked veterans. The cars are completely parked dust-free epoxy floor. When moving vintage cars around the showroom, we use a special system when we don't start cars and the cars are thus not exposed to exhaust gases. There is a parking space clean, dry, insulated, ventilated and heated.

Easy accessibility

Our showroom is located only 30 minutes from Prague in the village of Rynholec, approx. 3 km from D6, EXIT 25.
We have a spacious parking lot in front of the building, which can also be used as a helipad. 

3500 CZK + VAT
4000 CZK + VAT

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