Veterans Showroom
and sports cars

We accept cars for consignment sale from November 1, 2022


  • a professional approach  
  • many years of experience  
  • expert advice and consulting 
  • we have a wide and financially secured clientele 
  • advertising at all exclusive portals (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Bulgaria, etc.) 
  • accessible only for seriously interested buyers

What can you expect from our showroom? 

  • dust-free epoxy floors  
  • UV-free/sunlight-free (o there is no need to worry about the paintwork or the interior of your car)
  • a thermally insulated and dry area (can be tempered to 14°C) 
  • daily personal inspection of the cars  
  • expert detailing and servicing of vehicles on site 

We will also provide above-standard services

  • advertising via our website  
  • Google, List, and Facebook banner campaigns  
  • we provide registration inspections and homologations  
  • in the case of vintage cars incl. issuance of license plates 
  • complete vehicle transfer and transcription service  
  • arranging legal insurance on the spot  

Our showroom is perfectly secured, and you can be sure your car will only appear among good-quality, attractive, and selected ones.

Our company is located 25 minutes from Prague! 

271 01 Rynholec, district Crayfish
(Premises of the former mine of the Czechoslovak Army)

How can you bring the car to us?  

Either you can bring it yourself, or we will arrange transport on our own.   

Terms of sale: 

The amount of the commission is 4 % from the sales price without VAT (it is charged only after the sale is made). For the duration of the sale, we offer a discounted parking fee of 2,000 CZK/month without VAT. 

are you interested? contact us!

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